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The Merged Look

At Merge Home, we invite you to mix, match, and combine styles from different eras, genres, and aesthetics to create your own unique look. As you explore our store, our Merge Interior Design team is always available to talk through your interests and goals and point you in the right direction.

Of course, if you’d like to stick to a single source of inspiration—mid-century modern, for example—we’re more than happy to accommodate that, too. Think of Merge Home as your sandbox to explore the possibilities of your own home’s fresh new look.

Home of Live Design

Our live design process takes the guesswork out of furniture shopping. Together, we sit down in our Design Hub (or via Zoom) with a specific room or space in mind, complete with your floorplan and dimensions. We fill out the room piece by piece from both our in-store offerings and online inventory, placing them as we go until we have a fully finished design.

Beyond deciding on your big furniture pieces, Live Design also includes all the details that often get overlooked, from color consulting to wall coverings, lighting to floors to end-tables and everything in between.

You can start with a color scheme or a look and feel you want to achieve, or by picking a single piece you love—perhaps a high-backed gold couch. From that starting place, we design your exact room right here in the store instead of trying to read your mind and suggest what we think is right. By the time we’re done, you’ve got a fully finished room that’s 100% yours, guided but not dictated by our expert team.

Price Matching

As part of our commitment to fair pricing, we’ll match the price on any piece we carry or source if you find it elsewhere (online or in-store) for lower than what we list.

Marty Mason

Entrepreneur and interior design expert Marty Mason has taken Atlanta’s interior design scene to a new level by offering clients a versatile way to mix it up and find their own personal style. As founder and owner of Savvy Snoot and Merge Home, Marty taps into his inherent understanding of customers and his keen sense for style to offer a unique furniture shopping experience and interior design services to fit all needs and budgets.

In 2003, Marty opened Savvy Snoot, a high-end consignment store like no other, specializing in designer home furnishings and accessories. Through careful product selection and thoughtful store merchandising, Marty created a whole new dimension in consignment store shopping.

It was at Savvy Snoot that Marty made a name for his signature collected look by creating eclectic vignettes with one-of-a-kind finds from different design styles. The collected look gained instant popularity with clients looking for a personalized aesthetic, and so in 2011 Marty Mason Collected Home and Marty Mason Designer Group were born.

And at the end of 2021, he built Merge Home from the ground up to serve as the latest hub of his home furnishings empire. With over two decades of successful retail experience, Marty caters to his clients through his ability to adapt to any design style and anticipate trends.

Marty has been featured as a design expert on HGTV and has appeared on Fox 5’s Good Day Atlanta and CBS’ Better Mornings, and his work has been showcased in the following publications:

Southern Living
Piedmont Review
The 30A Review

Atlanta Magazine Home
Atlanta Business Chronicle
Sunday Paper
Atlanta Magazine
Jezebel Magazine


We bring together furniture inspired by all eras and styles to create a cohesive visual mix that we call the collected look. We take pride in supplying our customers with an array of different options from which they create the right mix that suits their personal style. Together, we create each person’s collected home.

For projects ranging from commercial offices to multi-family spaces to restaurants, our interior design team provides expertise at every stage, from planning through execution.

Offering a wide selection of gently used and creatively sourced consignment items, our Savvy Snoot selection provides one-of-a-kind pieces that may be perfect for your own collection.

Offering a wide selection of gently used and creatively sourced consignment items, our Savvy Snoot selection provides one-of-a-kind pieces that may be perfect for your own collection.