Custom Home Furniture vs. Store Bought Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home, there is always that decision on what furniture to get. With so many options it can be difficult to choose what furniture to get. Between custom home furniture and store-bought furniture, it comes down to which you like more and why. Obviously supporting small business and domestic manufacturing is beneficial, but the majority of people tend to overlook a couple of things. Here Marty Mason Collected Home discusses the difference between custom home furniture and store-bought furniture. 


When it comes to custom home furniture it’s no secret that it’s going to be pricey. Custom furniture simply costs more because it is more costly to build. A furniture maker builds custom furniture based on the client’s wants and needs. This takes more time when compared to store-bought furniture that is made in bulk. A store-bought furniture manufacture makes multiple pieces of the same design making it cheaper than custom pieces. Also, the raw materials for custom pieces cost more than manufactured pieces of the same size. This is because a store-bought furniture company is buying supplies in bulk reducing the overall price. 


The best part about custom home furniture is the quality and the value. When getting something customized, Marty Mason Collected Home will look for local upholsterers or cabinetmakers. This alone saves on any markup and freight costs from a store. With that extra money, customers can invest it into the materials and craftsmanship of your furniture. Custom home furniture is known to be more durable and last longer than store-bought pieces. A lot of time and effort goes into custom pieces. It’s also likely that your custom-made pieces will adhere beyond minimum safety standards and offer your household more peace of mind.


When it comes to personalizing your pieces, it’s a lot easier with custom home furniture. Not only can you choose from thousands of materials, but you can also follow the process from beginning to end. Good designers like Marty Mason Collected Home will take your wants and needs into consideration when suggesting design options. This results in a piece of furniture that is perfect for your house and style. When it comes to store-bought furniture, you aren’t designing the piece you want but choosing it. Stores may have a lot of pieces but it’s someone else’s design and not necessarily yours. 


For a lot of homeowners, time is of the essence. They want to get furniture as soon as possible so store-bought furniture is more plausible. Custom home furniture takes a much longer time to make. Even when purchasing furniture from local artisans, their signature designs will be much faster to produce than custom-made ones, as they don’t require lengthy customization. Online shopping, which is usually only possible with store-bought furniture, is also generally less time-consuming. If you are in a hurry to receive your furniture, store-bought items will certainly be the fastest.


Getting in touch with furniture retailers can be difficult and frustrating. They often receive numerous emails and phone calls, leaving less time for customer service. Custom home furniture designers can be easier to reach. This is due to the likelihood that they own a smaller shop and can be more accessible. With that being said though, custom shops have fewer staff available to serve you on a busy day. So depending on the day, customer service and communication can be different. Establishing initial contact with designers for custom home furniture is faster, but the communication during the shopping process itself tends to be smoother when choosing store-bought pieces for your home.

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Store-bought and custom home furniture both have their advantages. It ultimately comes down to your time, personal design, and overall style. At Marty Mason Collected Home, we bring together award-wining interior design as well as custom furniture and home furnishings inspired by all eras and styles to create a cohesive visual mix that we call the “collected look”. We take pride in supplying our customers with an array of different options from which they create the right mix that suits their personal style.

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