Fall Furniture Trends To Consider This Year

In the next few months, many of us are looking to bring the fall season and decor into our homes as we host friends and family. With that being said, if you are not an interior designer, that may be difficult. What interior design trends can we expect to see in residential homes this season? Here Merge Home discusses some of the top fall furniture and decor trends to consider this year. Let us know what you think and be sure to add your fall tips in the comments below!

Custom Fall Furniture & Vintage Decor

Vintage, personalized and custom furniture is trending more this season. Since people have been home more than usual, functionality, as well as personality, have become a huge seller. For some, that means using grandmother’s glassware from the ‘40-50s or dusting off vintage pictures, vases or even furniture to bring a sense of the past. We want our homes to reflect our personality and unique, post-pandemic interests.

Nature Feel

Nature-inspired design is one of the top trends of the season. This season there is a big color focus on forest green and earth tones. Elements of nature create cozy spaces with a classic-contemporary look. You can incorporate nature and autumn color into your home with plants, nature-inspired wall art, or have a little fun with accent pillows and statement fall furniture pieces. Plants, and the color dark green in general, are natural mood enhancers, too.

Cozy Fabrics

Coziness is a must this fall season. As the temperature drops, people are settling in and starting to get cozier. The sun begins to set earlier, so there’s less need for open, sun-filled spaces. Designers like Merge Home are now crafting intimate spaces to conjure a sense of warmth and closeness. Blankets and soft gentle tone fabrics can really cozy up a space in your home.

Partitions & Room Dividers

Room dividers, partitions and reading corners are also trending this season. Add division to your living space with bookshelves, lightweight curtains draped from the ceiling or screen partitions. Rooms that were previously used for guests have been transformed into personal spaces or secret hideaways for those who need “just five minutes” of peace. Due to the pandemic, the need for privacy and solitude has become very important in our homes. As a result, Merge Home has been seeing a trend of midcentury modern room dividers that allow for the kind of privacy people are looking for.

Layered Bedrooms

Layering rooms is a trend that is very popular this season. It is the same as if you were to layer clothes. Both providing warmth and comfort. Just as you would layer sweaters and scarves, pair your fabrics, colors, patterns and textures. Fuzzy blankets, woven poufs, textured fall furniture and oversized rugs will do the job. Minimal is not the key here. The more layers the more depth of comfort you can achieve. Add the extra fluffy duvet covers, warm wool blankets or cotton-blend throw to the foot of the bed. Not only does it add texture and dimension to your space, but it’s also super functional for guests and kids who want extra comfort during the colder season.

Plants & Color

Another major trend that has taken over last year and played into this year is plants and color. Bring the outdoor color inside by buying plants or clipping branches and flowers from your garden. These flower and leaf cuttings from trees can give your space that natural inspiration and feel. Style them in a colored planter or vase to add to your style and intended feel. Add another minimal decor, like a wooden bowl on the table and colorful throw pillows to carry the fall theme throughout the room.

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