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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year filled with family, joy and laughter. Every year millions of families get together and decorate the tree and house to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Well, this year Merge Home wants to help. We know how difficult it can be to pick out the right decorations and color coordinating. From lights, decorations and more it can be stressful for some. Learn more about fun and simple ways to decorate your home this year for Christmas and be sure to call us for some holiday gift ideas.

Colors Trends For Christmas 2021

When the majority of people think of Christmas they tend to think of colors like red, green, and gold. This combination of colors certainly creates a magical atmosphere and can give you that Christmas feel. However, some like to switch it up and create their own Christmas color palette. Here we present you the Christmas color trends of 2021.

  • Turquoise – This color looks very elegant, fresh, and energetic to most. When decorating with turquoise ornaments it gives the room an incredibly light, fun and entertaining feel to the room. With its bright vibes, it can be used to draw your eyes to a certain place in the room.
  • Blue or Navy – Designers recommend to combine blue, purple, and gray shades, and assure that it will create the impression of a frozen tropical ocean. This may be bold for some but if done right can become a family favorite.
  • Pink – Some people think this color is too Valentines Day and not so much Christmas. Dress up the room in pink tones combined with silver, white, or gold and enjoy the refined atmosphere.
  • White, gray, and beige tones in another trendy variant of Christmas color in 2021. They create a snowy feeling and minimalist chic. Some silver accents can be added as well.

Display Your Christmas Cards

This trend is becoming more and more popular. As more people send out Christmas cards each year, putting them on display is a great and fun decoration this holiday season. A stylish mix of modern, hand-made, and vintage Christmas cards will be the best way to decorate one of your walls or fridge. Decorate two or three walls in the house the same way and it can create a fun space for guests or family to congregate.

Use Trendy Dishes & Gold Pieces

Planning on having a Christmas gathering this year? A fun and trendy accent to add to the dining table are using Christmas-inspired plates and flatware as well as fun gold centerpieces. This can elevate a dining experience and give everyone that extra Christmas spirit while they enjoy family and food this season.

Asymmetrical Decorations

Christmas trees, mistletoe, poinsettias, and garlands are classics to creating a true Christmas atmosphere. With that being said, these decorations can end up being repeated from year to year. Switch it up by having a few things unbalanced around the room. This can give corners different symmetry and help things stand out.  An asymmetrical wreath can look very stylish and trendy. Another good Christmas trend is a DIY wreath. These can bring the family together and be fun to talk about all season long.

Tree Skirts

The bottom of your Christmas tree is one thing a lot of people neglect. Spruce it up this year with more than just presents. Add an uncommon skirt made of corrugated paper, a knitted blanket, or even an inverted iron basin colored with glittering paint. This decor creates a spectacular balance, and a delightful game of textures will add a little more style to your Christmas.

Candles & Throw Pillows

Finally, one of our favorite things to add each season are fun throw pillows around the house. Find pillows and blankets with Santa, reindeer or even fun Christmas sayings to add some Christmas cheer to the room. Pillows are not only a visual addition but also are functional when you have a lot of people over for the holidays. Lastly, add a few candles around the house to make your home not just look like Christmas but smell like the holidays as well.

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