Three Rooms To Consider For A Quick Spring-Cleaning

As Winter is coming to an end, there is officially no more time to procrastinate your spring cleaning. Luckily, Merge Home has a few tips to make it more convenient for you and more enjoyable in the long run. Learn more about the three rooms you should spring clean and be sure to let us know what you think!

The Living Room

We all know that the living room is the most used room and, of course, the most seen by others. So while your motivation is at an all-time high, let’s start cleaning with the most important room. You may look around your living room and see a whole bunch of… stuff. “I don’t even remember buying that” type stuff, or maybe “this is my child’s friend’s sock that is somehow underneath the couch” type stuff. Either way, it’s time to get it clean with these tips:

  • Invest In Storage – One thing in life you will not regret is investing in good pieces of furniture, especially a good piece of storage. It will hide the “stuff” you don’t really know what to do with, while making your living room look beautiful. A storage piece like this can easily store blankets, pillows, toys and games, leaving your living room looking more aesthetically pleasing. It also saves room. No more blanket baskets, toy boxes or game shelves. Instead of having multiple pieces of furniture to store separate things in, you can simply combine it all into one trunk. (PURCHASE HERE)
  • Lamps – Your living room will not only be more lit up with a lamp, but also look more complete. It can sit off in the corner practically unseen unless it’s being used. The goal of cleaning a space is to remove the pieces of furniture that are too bulky and not being used, so the floor lamp can easily stay in the corner and do its job well. (PURCHASE HERE)

The Bedroom

Once you have put away all of the clothes, shoes and any accessories laying around your bedroom, you may be thinking it still looks messy. Why is that? One thing that is often overlooked is that your room is not well-lit, or you have old furniture that doesn’t fit the space well. When it comes to your bedroom, less is more! This will give the “minimalist” look you might be going for.

  • Light Fixtures – They may not seem very important, but they can make or break the look of your bedroom. Bright lights can change a room instantly, and so can a pretty light-fixture hanging from the ceiling. There are multiple different styles you can choose from whether your style is boho or classy, there is one for you. (CLASSY) (BOHO)
  • Cohesion – Any space needs cohesion, but especially the bedroom because of how unique it can share a piece of your personality within the small touches. Everything should go together well: bedding, furniture, decor, whether it’s done by having similar patterns or just color schemes. Adding more cohesion is an easy fix. You could purchase more wall decor that matches your throw pillows or rug. Maybe even a small plant to match the green in your comforter. A quick DIY project that has been especially popular in the last few years is to paint an accent wall. This allows you to pick a color you love and work around the wall with other decor. Any cohesion in a space will make the room seem cleaner.

The Kitchen

Your kitchen could probably use some love this Spring! Apart from the weekly cleaning of dishes and wiping down countertops, it may be time to also invest in this room since it’s used so often.

  • Greenery – Nothing says “clean” like a beautiful countertop with a green plant. This tip could be used for the bathroom as well but having a eucalyptus on display will take your kitchen to the next level! It instantly adds color to the room, while also maintaining a bright, clean look. One plus to this eucalyptus is it’s not real, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive.
  • Organizers – Spice racks, clear jars for the pantry and refrigerator are the key to a clean kitchen. There are inexpensive options on Amazon as well as any container store.

Here to Help You Find Your Style

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