Declutter Your Home With Beautiful Storage Furniture

Everyone could probably use more organization and storage space in their home. It can definitely be overwhelming to start the decluttering process, but today Merge Home will help you learn more about storage furniture you can choose from. These are based on your needs, and what would help you out in the long run! From everything like dog or kid toys to stacks of your favorite novels, we can help you pick the perfect piece for you to store all of this in. Before we get started on storage furniture, let’s start smaller.

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One of the most convenient decluttering pieces is a tray or bowl! Trays are typically placed on top of a coffee table or mantle, and the best part about it is that everything on the tray looks like it is in its own place. Even if it is “random” decorations like a book you haven’t touched, a plant, and a pair of glasses, it all looks intentionally placed on the tray.

Furniture With Drawers

Drawers are a lifesaver when it comes to decluttering your home. The number of toys, supplies and other miscellaneous items that can fit in one drawer is mind-blowing. It is ideal for at least your living room furniture to have plenty of storage space, since guests see this room the most typically. It is easy to throw everything in the drawers and clutter those up but take a little bit more time and organize them! This will help you in the long run when you need to quickly locate something. One great spring-cleaning task is to organize and sort through all of your drawers in your home – there could be plenty to donate to others!

Shelving For Baskets

Any piece of furniture with room to place a basket or bin on it is highly recommended. If you do have kids at a young age who like to play with multiple toys at once, this would be a great storage furniture piece for them to practice cleaning up after themselves. Kids can easily place their toys back into the reachable basket, whereas maybe the drawer would be too hard for them to open. Since baskets are so popular to store things in, they come in many different colors and sizes. You can easily find multiple to fit the color scheme of your rooms, to make sure everything still remains beautifully organized.


One of the best pieces of furniture for storage is, of course, the ottoman. Not only is this a great spot for a guest to sit, but it can store so many things while acting as a decoration. This storage piece of furniture can be used for storing things like large blankets, toys, remotes, etc. This is another piece that is easy for children to store things in as well. The ottoman is a simple, yet unique look for the living room because of how versatile it is.

Storage Bench

A storage bench can be used in multiple different rooms: the mudroom, bedroom, kitchen, and others. The mudroom can store multiple shoes and jackets in the bench, especially if it is one that not only has a shelf, but also opens up for more room.

A bench can sit at the foot of a bed to provide storage for books or extra blankets. It also is a great seat when putting on or taking off shoes, which is great and multi-purposeful!

The kitchen bench can give multiple seats at the kitchen table while also storing things you may want to hide from the look of your clean, clutter-less kitchen. A popular look with this is having bench shelves in an L shape to act as a breakfast nook. this is great for growing families, because multiple kids can share a spot on the bench. It is a beautiful touch to a kitchen and gives it a more homey feel by shaping it as a corner bench.

There are tons of beautiful options for you to choose from. It is important to do what you can to keep your space clean, which might mean investing in pieces of furniture that provide storage for you to do so! We would love to help you with this process at Merge Home.

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With inspiration and a bit of creativity, you can easily transform your home into the home of your dreams. It is easy to let your home slip out from under your control, but you can get this back by starting the decluttering process today! One of the best and most helpful ways is to get good storage furniture! We would love to help you! Be sure to call today to speak with one of our experienced team members. You can also visit our new location that is now open at 1400 HOWELL MILL RD. NW ATLANTA, GA 30318. We would be happy to help you with anything you need!

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