Need Help Finding The Nightstand Of Your Dreams?

There are many different and easy ways to decorate your nightstand. It is possible that right now, your nightstand may be an accumulation of clutter and random cords, papers or necessary items. It is extremely easy to throw random products in the drawers next to your bed, but your nightstand could serve a bigger purpose for your bedroom, and look beautiful while doing it! So today, it is time to achieve those dreams. We are here to help you find the nightstand of your dreams, and keep it clutter-free with plenty of storage to maintain a beautiful look in your bedroom!

It is easiest to get a matching bedroom suite, in order to accurately match the color and woods of each piece of furniture. However, there are plenty of ways to go about finding the nightstand you have been looking for. 


Looking For A Price Drop?

Lucky for you, a few of the nightstands we carry at Merge Home are discounted right now. Although we are aware that the cost is still high, it is well worth the investment because of the quality of the piece. Need to see it to believe it? Here is one piece that we have on sale right now for less than $1,000. Its artisan bubble glass top gives off a clean, and elegant look that can take your bedroom to new levels of beauty.

It is a simple, but unique look made of fumed cluster oak. It also serves well for storage purposes with two surfaces to display items on, and a hidden drawer on the bottom to fit your necessities. One great way to utilize your nightstand is by displaying items you love! Whether that is decorative books, lamps or plants – or all three! 


Looking For A Chic And Fun Look?

This piece called The Chic Nightstand is a great eye-catcher. Instead of the classic square-shaped nightstand, this is designed in an oval shape, which makes it truly lovely.

It is finished in a stunning neutral faux shagreen along with a glass top inset into a Pure Ivory rim. It also has one adjustable shelf for storage – great for taller items you would like to display next to your bed. Since this piece is lighter, it would look great with pieces of color and any fun things you could use to display your personality! Have fun with it. Add a piece of framed artwork! That is a sure way to create the look of the nightstand of your dreams. 


Looking For Your Dream Unique, Dark Wood Nightstand?

Talk about unique. This three-quarter moon-shaped nightstand can complete your entire bedroom look. It also has plenty of storage space with multiple shelves and one drawer for your cords or any other item that isn’t necessarily aesthetically pleasing to the eye. An iPhone charger would definitely stand out and take away the attention from the true beauty of the nightstand.

This piece along with the matching bed and dresser, especially on light-colored hardwood is practically a match made in heaven. Its made up of Primavera wood with a Peppercorn sheen. Its glass shelf is ideal for showing off your favorite magazines or candles. 


Looking To Make A Bold And Gold Statement? 

Our piece at Merge called the Imperial Nightstand will fulfill your nightstand dreams of making a statement. The French-inspired piece has a shiny, beautiful Piano Black finish. But let’s talk about the main attraction. The cabriole legs with a Majestic Gold ribbon stretcher can not go unseen. You will not regret investing in this high-quality, stunning nightstand. It can hold multiple decorative items along with a drawer for storage, of course. 

We hope this has given you inspiration for picking out the nightstand of your dreams! Don’t forget, we are here to help you! Take your time to research different looks of nightstands and consider what option would look best in your home, and what would benefit you to invest in!

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