Get That Dining Table You’ve Been Dreaming About

Ever had big dreams about designing your home? Now is the perfect time to get started on those projects you have thought of with the help of an interior designer in Atlanta! The easiest way to do so is by going one room at a time in your home. The room we would like to start focusing on today is the dining room. Whether you share family meals, host guests or utilize it for office space, a beautiful dining table can truly elevate your space. Today, Merge Home will share our favorite looks and inspirations for designing your home.  

The Dining Table Of Your Dreams

Rectangular Tables

  1. Wooden Dining Room Table:

The farmhouse style look is captured perfectly with this brass-clad table top framed in sandy oak. Having a dining room table that is big enough for your family and guests is essential. For this reason, our Angled Dining Table comes in 79” W and also 94” W for those of you who need to fit more chairs at the table. Designing your home can sometimes lead to making tough decisions, but we make it easy by putting everything you could need in one area on our website. Everything you’ve dreamed of having in designing your dining room is right at your fingertips! 

dining table
  1. Industrial Dining Room Table:

This industrial piece is full of character, while still maintaining a beautiful neutral color scheme. The burnt oak paired with dark iron legs is sure to catch your guests’ attention. This piece would match well with a dark oak bench seat, as well as black chairs on either side. Additionally, lighting is also extremely important in creating a visually pleasing aesthetic for your dining room table design. Any exposed lightbulb look would perfectly dangle over this industrial table and provide great light for your family meals!

dining table

Circle Tables

  • Circle tables are able to provide a different look for your dining room design. One fun piece to add to any table is bench seating – especially in the corner. It gives off a cozy and inviting look, and not to mention, is amazing for small children who might not be quite big enough to sit in dining chairs. 
  • Circle tables are also beneficial to any home with a limited dining room space. Having an entire room full of dining sets may not be optimal for you, so we have plenty of options that will best fit the space you are working with! 
  1. Geometric Table:

One of our favorites is this fun geometric dining table. Its interlocking hexagon shapes that form the base of the table are uniquely stunning. If you have dreamed of designing your home with a fun touch of your personality, this is the ideal option. You can also add comfortable, colorful chairs to add even more personality to your dining room.

Especially if you only use it for special occasions, make sure to maximize each use with exceptional pieces of dining room furniture. The best part about these tables is that they don’t take up a ton of room in your home. A rectangular-shaped table requires a good amount of space in your home for the chairs and table itself, but that’s not the case with circle tables. They can easily be placed in a corner of your home, without having to be in their own room, giving off more of an open concept. 

dining table
  1. Farmhouse Circle Table:

This welcoming farmhouse table might look simple at first glance, but its parquetry top adds a special design to your dining room. Fresh flowers, placed on a neutral-colored table runner with a home-cooked meal on top would complete this dining room look! Classy and simple. 

dining table

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