Compliment Your Home With These Beautiful Stools

As we have seen a shift in interior design in the past few years, now commonly going for a modern look, barstools and other types of stools are in high demand. Indoor seating went from a typical kitchen table and chairs to now beautiful stools that can add so much to your space! Stools are great for the convenience of having your friends and family able to keep company while preparing meals. It also serves as a great breakfast spot, or your morning coffee before going to work. 

Whether you are looking for indoor seating for your kitchen, dining room or any other space in your home, we are here to provide our interior design knowledge and support in choosing the right stools for you!


Things To Consider:

Material Of Your Stools

Depending upon the style and size of your kitchen, ideal maintenance for you and overall looks, choosing the material is extremely important when considering indoor seating. The modern-looking kitchens typically have bright-colored stools such as white or light gray. However, this will vary from home to home. Take for example a family of 5, made up of 3 small children.

Although white stools may be your preference in looks, it surely would be difficult to keep them sparkling clean with the various messes that children are capable of creating! For this reason, it may be best to go with stools like this leather swivel barstool. Leather is conveniently able to clean simply by mixing 50/50 vinegar and water solution in a bowl. Take a microfiber cloth to apply it to your stools. 

Another amazing option for you if you are worried about the maintenance of your stools is our Avendale Stool made of leather that comes in 3 different colors and sizes. The “dark moon” and “destroyed black” are a great options for stools that are very mess-friendly. And of course, our “desert canvas” is a great option if you are looking for a lighter shade for your indoor seating.

Going for a vintage interior design? Don’t worry, we have a great option for you too! Our Glamour Counter Stool gives off a perfect mix of both vintage and modern while complimenting the rest of your kitchen perfectly! Its U-shaped base gives off the throwback vibe while remaining elegant and sophisticated. It is the perfect touch of vintage, and can even be strengthened by adding pastel colors, fun lighting and flourishing plants! 

For a more traditional-looking kitchen, check out our dark parawood swivel stools. These are a great touch to your kitchen and are sure to keep their great looks for a long time! Stools that look beautiful, while remaining sturdy and functional are great for any home looking to add indoor seating. 


Choose The Right Height

  • When considering what stools would be the best options for your indoor seating, choosing the right height is also of great importance. A great rule of thumb is to always leave at least 20cm between the stool’s seat and the surface of the counter to ensure people feel comfortable when sitting and using your counter-space. In order to get a good feel of the heights of our stools mentioned, it would be beneficial for you to come into our store and see for yourself! This would not only help you decide which height to get, but you could see any other decor that may accent the stools well. 


  • As barstools provide a convenient spot to sit throughout the tasks of your daily routine, it is necessary for them to be comfortable. Especially if you will be using them for long periods of time throughout the day, it may be best to invest in stools that have backs on them. A popular option, specifically when it comes to comfort, is one that has the capability to swivel. This gives more functionality because guests can easily feel involved no matter where their stool is in the room, because they can swivel around! It is also fun for kids, which is always a plus. 

Overall, whichever type of stool you choose for your indoor seating will be a great choice! Especially with our interior design help, we will assure that you are comfortable and the stools add a beautiful touch to your home.

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We are excited to offer so many options for indoor seating, and we hope the stools we have mentioned will excite you about adding them to your home. Want to know more about Merge Home? Our company is a top Interior Designer in Atlanta. We have tackled hundreds of design projects, from a local house in the suburbs to multi-million dollar indoor facilities & businesses across the nation – we can do it all! We take pride in supplying our customers with an array of different options that suits their personal style.

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