Brighten Your Home With Elegant Lighting Fixtures

Do you want to brighten up your home? Looking for beautiful indoor lighting fixtures to complement your home perfectly? You have come to the right place! Here at Merge Home, we specialize in the details of interior design and can help you achieve the home of your dreams with the different indoor lighting options you absolutely must have in your home! 

Lighting fixtures are an incredibly important feature in your home. They help you see better, which is a huge benefit of course, and they help create your ideal ambiance. Let’s dive deeper into what kind of indoor lighting options there are for the various rooms in your home and what we can provide for you as well! 

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Types Of Lighting & Lighting Fixtures:

Ambient Lighting

This is great foundational lighting for your home. It is important to start here in the interior design process because of the vibe that soft light can help create. It provides overall illumination and is meant to be the first layer of your indoor lighting. Ambient lighting is typically dimmable in order to accommodate day and nighttime settings, which is why it is ideal for rooms where you find yourself reading, eating or watching movies. It is great for these rooms because it does not give off too much glare, so while you are watching your favorite television program you won’t notice any huge light glare on your screen with ambient lighting.

A lot of people even consider ambient lighting to be one of the most, if not the most, important interior design features. This is based on research that proves how the more intense your indoor lighting is, the more affected and intense your emotions are. In a study done in 2014 by the Journal of Consumer Psychology, they proved how with cool-toned lighting, a sensation of angst increased in their participants. This is why warmer tones are always best when it comes to ambient lighting. Large lamps, chandeliers, track lights and others are considered to be ambient lighting.

Our matte black floor lamp is able to provide a great vibe with warm light, while not being too distracting since it has a matte black base. You can also add multiple light sources, so if you want lighting fixtures that hang instead of sitting on the ground, we have pieces like our beautiful chandelier. Placing this above your dining room table, and installing it to dim, would create a simple, elegant look that you may be dreaming of! 

Task Lighting 

This type of lighting speaks for itself in that it is used for completing specific tasks. It provides the perfect amount of light, in conjunction with ambient lighting, to complete tasks such as reading, cooking, sewing and more. For example, if you are looking to add task lighting to your bedroom, a lamp such as our Antoine table lamp would be perfect! It can add a subtle touch of elegance to any room and serve as a great attention-grabber while remaining classy. 

Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting also called highlighting, makes a beautiful focal point and is key to your indoor lighting! It can add an elegant touch to any wall decor and greatly improve the room’s atmosphere! It is ideal for any part of your home you are looking to showcase. Whether you’re showing off the dimension, colors or any other detail of your home. 

How Merge Home Can Help You: 

  • We are experienced, knowledgeable and excited to help you with your project! We want you to feel confident in your home improvements, which is why we are willing to take it into our own hands! This worry-free process will come out in a beautiful and elegant design. We consider your every want and desire. We are able to give fresh eyes and ideas to your space, and provide creative solutions to get your interior design, specifically indoor lighting to your standards! We work for your home to be elegant while also maintaining functionality!
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