Fall Interior Design Trends To Consider In 2022

Every year, there will be a new set of design trends. Design trends evolve due to the changes in society, our environment, and fashion sense. Things that may be popular some years ago may not be popular today, and things that are not today will become the latest trend in another few years. What goes in and out? The interior design trends for 2022 are no different. There is a cycle of interior design trends, and below we identify some interior design ideas to start the season off right!

Consider These 2022 Interior Design Trends

Nature Inspired Color Palette

Fall is all about bringing the outdoors inside. From leaves and berries to pinecones and acorns, nature is all around us as temperatures drop and leaves begin to change colors. This season’s color palette gives you plenty of opportunities to bring nature into your home elegantly. Consider using deep greens and rich browns with pops of red or orange for a modern twist on fall colors that will keep your home looking fresh all year long.

Biophilic Design

Biophilia is the innate human bond and connection to nature – the vital, life-sustaining bonds of the biosphere that link all species on earth. The biophilic design gives occupants an increased feeling of natural light, plants, and views. While not entirely new, its integration into residential design is trending upward as more manufacturers, architects, and homeowners become aware of its benefits.

Curved Furniture and Decor

Curves are everywhere this season. From furniture with curvy lines to the softness of ruffles, we see a lot of curved silhouettes in the home — which is why we love this new trend so much! We’re seeing everything from curved furniture to decor that mimics the curve of a leaf or flower petal.

Sculptural Art

Sculptural art has been popular for years, so it’s no surprise that it’s still trending strongly in 2022. People love how this artwork adds depth and texture to their homes, making them feel more like galleries than living spaces. Sculptural art also works well with most interior design styles. Whether you have neutral or bold colors or prefer traditional or modern designs, there are plenty of sculptures out there that will complement your space perfectly.

Checkerboard Patterns

Checkerboard patterns are back! This classic pattern has a major comeback, but with a modern twist. We see it on everything from chairs and tables to rugs and pillows. Checkerboard patterns are fun, but they can also help add dimension to a room by breaking up large spaces. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try using different shades of one color instead of black and white squares.

Curved Silhouettes

The lines in this season’s furniture designs have curved silhouettes that mirror nature’s round shapes. These silhouettes mimic nature’s soft edges, whether a round end table or an arch-backed chair. This trend works well in any house room because it adds visual interest without being too overpowering.

Cottage Florals

Cottage florals have been around for quite some time, but they’re still going strong in the Fall of 2022! You’ll see cottage florals throughout your home, in textiles or accent furniture pieces like tables or chairs.

Ruffles and Waves

Fall is all about waves and ruffles this year. Baskets filled with colorful flowers will add texture to any room and give it an elegant look. You can also use these ideas in your home office or dining room to create a sophisticated feel that will last long after Fall has ended!

Dark Wood

This Fall, dark wood furniture will be popular because it looks great with warm colors like red or orange. Dark wood furniture can be used in just about any room, but keep it simple so it doesn’t take away from other features in your home! Dark wood furniture is usually made from solid hardwood or engineered wood products like plywood, which means they’re strong enough to last through many years of wear and tear while still looking great!

Artful Upholstery

This trend makes your living room feel like an art gallery. The fabrics are bold and colorful. The patterns are intricate and detailed. You can buy new furniture or refinish old pieces with new material or paint.

Chocolate Touches

Chocolate touches to your home this fall will help you stay cozy during cooler months. If you’re looking for an affordable way to incorporate this trend into your space, try adding chocolate-colored pillows on sofas and chairs or using various shades of brown in your throw pillows and area rugs. You can also add a touch of chocolate with accessories like vases and candle holders, which blend well with wood furniture pieces or any other dark wood furnishings.

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