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Be More Productive With These Office Chairs

If you are one of the millions of Americans who embrace work-from-home life, you need a productive setup. Your first thought may be to have a big enough desk for your work, but you also need to consider comfort. After all, this is where you will spend the majority of your day. Office chairs are essential to not only the aesthetic of your space but the productivity of your time. Today, our interior design company Merge Home will let you know how office chairs can help productivity as well as tips from knowledgeable Atlanta designers. 

A study done by Lydia Johnson in 2019 found that “together, (the) need for an aesthetically pleasing workplace and general mindfulness affect employees’ work attitudes.” Knowing this information should encourage you to want pieces of furniture that will uplift you. 

Our Atlanta designer, Marty Mason, and the team at Merge Home take a mix of styles to create one-of-a-kind spaces for each client. How is this achieved? Well, it starts off by taking into consideration what it is you want. What would make you happy every time you look at it? Could you add anything to make you feel more productive in your daily routine? 

What kind of chair you decide to purchase depends significantly on the furniture you already have. If you’re starting out with a chair and desk in your office currently, and you’re looking to replace your chair, size is important. The goal is to stay comfortable and productive throughout the day. If you’re noticing soreness or poor posture in your current chair, it may be the ideal time to improve your office chair.

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Having an office chair that can be adjusted to any height of your liking is a big convenience. One benefit of an adjustable chair is the freedom to move around. It also accommodates multiple parts of your body; a high-back chair is able to have more back support while a mid-back chair permits more range of motion. 

It is also important to think about what kind of flooring you have in your office space. If your floor is hardwood, it may create a more inviting environment to add a beautiful rug. Hardwood is sophisticated and would help your space feel more like a professional office environment. One concern you may have about adding an office chair onto hardwood is scratching the wood floors.

Wheels certainly can scratch the wood; however, caster wheels are safe for hardwood floors. Be sure to either use caster wheels, or add a chair mat or rug underneath you for extra caution! Speaking of rolling chairs, this may be something that could help your productivity. If you have to move around a decent bit throughout the day, it may help you remain seated and simply roll to the drawer you need to reach. 

Another aspect important to interior design and especially the productivity of your office is color. Research by Color Psychology has shown that blue colors tend to increase concentration, and stimulate thinking and other beneficial factors. While you don’t have to necessarily paint your entire office blue, it could be nice to add the color subtly.

Our luxury design store in Atlanta is the best way to see our pieces come to life. Our Atlanta designer and team work hard to design ideas we think you would love and want to put your special touch on in your home. Coming to visit our store would also help you see and feel the comfort of our office chairs. We can offer our interior design advice as well as make the process as simple as possible for you! 

As mentioned previously, comfort is extremely important in relation to productivity levels. Simply put, if you are not comfortable you are not going to have the drive to get work done. Faux leather is an option for material, but they do tend to retain heat more than other types. If you tend to get warm quickly, it may be best to go for a different material.

Something as simple as a colored fabric could add a pleasing look to your office, as long as the color meshes well with others being used. One example would be getting a white office chair because your desk is white, relying heavily on different decorations to provide an accent. Coming into our store will help you see which colors stand out to you. 

Speaking of accent pieces, they truly are a mood booster throughout your long day of work. Our unique wall decor at MergeHome is sure to bring a smile to you during work. We have everything needed to transform your office into an aesthetically pleasing, productive space. We even specialize in lighting and window treatment to create a home office like no other. 

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