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Stand Out With This Amazing Room Decor

Ever wondered how to make your home room decor stand out? Have a few empty walls or spaces in your rooms with no idea of how to fill them? Today, Merge Home will help you combine a few things you love to create a one-of-a-kind home. 

One of the first steps to any project is to create a plan. This philosophy is the same when deciding what room decor to opt for. There are a few different themes you could choose for in places like your living room and dining room. Of course, one popular style, in particular, is the modern look. So what does that look like in regards to room decor? It looks different for everyone depending on the colors, items, and overall interior design that they love. 

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Styles Of Room Decor

The Modern Look

First, let’s start by considering the “Modern” style in a few different rooms. 

  • The Modern Living Room

A modern-style living room allows your family and friends access to more space in your home. Having pieces of furniture in every corner may clutter up the space depending on the size of your room. One good option for a modern room decor style is replacing inconveniently placed furniture and adding plants. Maybe consider hanging plants if you’re tight for space in your living room.

These small plants can hang easily from your windows or even a shelving unit. It adds a pop of color and freshness while keeping a clean look. However, if you have a little more room to play around with, you can add multiple different kinds of plants that complement one another. Of course, with the modern look, potted plants that are kept in neutral colors like black or white pots are great. 

  • Another piece you could benefit from still in the modern room decor theme is this beautiful Spirit Cabinet.

It has a beautiful eye-catching mixture of mango wood, cotton rope, and natural cane. While “spirit” is in the name of the piece, you do not have to only store wine in it. It could also serve well for storing books or games that you may not have the space to display. Another benefit of this choice of cabinet is the ability to add any personal decor on top. Whether you have photos of your family you’d like to display in a frame, or a small lamp to add elegant lighting, it would fit perfectly with the modern look. 

  • The Modern Dining Room 

Our Atlanta Interior Design team loves choosing great picks for your dining room. Even with the modern look, you can stand out against other homes with stunning dining room decor. One piece that can instantly transform your space is the dining room table. We have an entire blog where you can read more about our dining room table choices.

Today, let’s look at one specifically called the Contour Dining Table. Its sophisticated materials take a cue from modern geometry and add a beautiful white marble material to help you stand out. Our Atlanta interior design team will help you decide what chairs and toppers will look best with your new modern table. Come into our luxury design store to see more of all of your options!

Vintage Style

Next, let’s take a look at a popular vintage style. Vintage room decor is focused on mixing color palettes, furniture, and composition from the past, and compiling it into a more modern lifestyle. One example of a vintage style is the funky and popular Mid-Century style. 

Mid-Century style room decor:

This style implements abstract shapes as well as fun colors like blue, red and yellow. Many interior design experts and lovers of room decor can attest to Mid-century modern never going out of style. Its rise to prominence in the 50s and 60s was well over 50 years ago, yet homes today still represent the style as if it were yesterday! 

  • A room decor tip to keep in mind with this style is to have a goal of variety. Why is variety important for Mid-Century Modern? To understand the importance, we have to first understand the origin. The aesthetic itself is attributed to the Bauhaus architects and designers who moved from Germany to America in search of stability after WWII due to economic changes. Due to this immigration, designers brought over what they were familiar with and took it to America’s style by using metal, vinyl, glass, plywood, Lucite and Plexiglass. This is why there is a great deal of variety with the style, so it is completely up to you how you’d like to show off your Mid-Century Modern style. 
  • One example of a functional piece of room decor is this two-toned library bookcase. Its mix of iron and reclaimed pine wood allows the natural beauty show while serving the great purpose of storing books. The mix of iron and pine is a beautiful way to show off the Mid-Century style. Our interior designer and the team will do our best to achieve your Mid-Century modern needs of stunning and functional room decor. 

With the multitude of options and help from our Atlanta interior designer at Merge Home, we hope we can help you stand out with your room decor. If you want to see more of what we can provide, come visit our store! Whether you’re a fan of the modern style or Mid-Century Modern, we have plenty of options to meet your needs! We look forward to seeing you in the store soon!

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