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Tired Of Your Old Couch? Refresh With These Beautiful Options

You may have recently noticed your living room doesn’t seem complete. Whether you were decorating for Christmas or cleaning the home after New Years, this epiphany may have hit you with various questions. These questions would have crossed your mind about what is missing in my living room. Or maybe even am I happy with the furniture I have right now? These are highly valid questions, especially if you have not invested in new furniture pieces (such as a couch) in quite some time.

Our Atlanta interior designer, Marty Mason, has just the solution for you. Our custom furniture pieces can truly complete your home’s look this holiday season and beyond. Today, our design company Merge Home will share with you a few of our beautiful couch options to choose from. 

Consider Your Space For The Couch

It is important to start by considering the rest of your furniture pieces before deciding on something as large as a couch. With our custom furniture options, you can find practically anything you could dream of here. Whether your home is designed to be more modern, industrial, minimalist, or another type of look, our Atlanta interior designer has plenty of options for you! 

Maybe your living room doesn’t look complete due to the size of your current couch. Is your couch crammed into a space it doesn’t exactly fit in well? Is your couch stuck in a place that’s only filling 10% of the room and looks a little small compared to the space? These are important questions to think about and consider before replacing your current couch with a new one.

Typically, the first step in picking the perfect couch for your home is to measure your space and the couch itself. Survey the points of your home that are necessary to be walked through. Having a couch with no walking space for your family or guests might be inconvenient, so be sure there is enough room to actually move around in your living room.

At Merge Home, we will give you the exact measurements of any custom furniture you order, such as the width, height and depth, etc. You can always come by our interior design showroom to gain confidence in picking the perfect couch for you. You will be able to see the size of the couch itself, as well as compared to other pieces of custom furniture you might be considering purchasing too. 

Timeless White Couch

By coming by our interior design showroom, you can see couches like this one paired with other decorations and pieces of furniture. The all-white look is an extremely popular option as of late and will continue to be popular. 

It is a timeless look, because of how clean and sleek it presents itself. Worried about the members of your family (aka kids or dogs) getting your white furniture dirty? There are plenty of ways to clean these pieces to make them sparkly clean once again. Don’t wait until the dirt has accumulated, be sure to have a consistent schedule for cleaning your couch!

You can vacuum it on a regular basis to get crumbs, pet hair and other things getting trapped between the cushions. In between vacuums, you can fluff all of the cushions to keep their fresh look! Our Atlanta interior designer put together the white couch with a few neutral pillows to complete the look. The great thing about having neutral tones is that you can play around with different shades and patterns to add to your personality. 

Patterns can truly transform the design of your living room. Mixing and matching patterns like stripes and other unique designs can elevate your couch. There are no rules for adding patterns to your home, it’s a mix of everything you want to express your personality. A plain couch deserves pieces on it, and around it, to frame the furniture well! 

Branching Out Into Bold Styles 

This dark colored couch pictured below is the perfect example of a bold-style living room. Having a statement color couch is something our own Atlanta interior designer loves. You can see for yourself at our interior design showroom! We think this is a great way to capture your personality, and give your home a level up and room to play around with certain looks. Dark colors, light colors, you name it and we can create a dream space that you’ll be happy to spend time in. After all, your living room is typically one of the most used rooms, especially around holidays due to family and friends gathering more frequently! 

Not into dark colors? That’s okay, there are still plenty of ways you can be bold with your style. One of our favorite pieces we have for sale right now does a perfect job of making a bold statement while keeping a beautiful modern cream tone. The comfort and style our boomerang shape couch provides are incomparable to other couches. It perfectly divides the space of your living room and works in perfect harmony with traditional and modern interiors.

Visit Us Today!

Our interior design showroom at Merge Home has everything you need to freshen up your living room, and our staff will be more than happy to help you achieve your interior design dreams. Your home is important to invest in, and we believe with good quality pieces, you can do just that. Come see for yourself at our three-story showroom in West Midtown!

You can browse around our collections, consult with your award-winning design team and even put together an entire house, or room, with a live design session right here at our store! Come by soon and begin the process of transforming your home. 

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