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Charleston Three-Drawer Accent Chest


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Imagine a coastal breeze drifting through aged oak trees adorned with Spanish moss, gently ruffling the magnolias alongside historic homes, buildings, and churches that frame the cobbled streets of old. It is here in this tranquil stroll through southern lore, that the inspiration for “Charleston” was born. Charleston is a whole home collection that embodies the area’s classic traditional charm, coastal retreat, and refreshed English heritage. The traditional soul of the collection is set apart by translucent cathedral cherry veneers, exotic walnut and maple inlays, age worn black cherry accents, and custom antique burnished hardware. The collection also offers a more casual West-Indies inspired design using various materials that harken to the open sea where trade ships of the past carrying exotic spices, fabrics, and foods would dock along this southern jewel. As one would expect to see in the fabled shops along King Street, an array of pieces draped in finishes of weathered whites, yellows, greens, limes, and blues, intertwined with woven elements and linens are available to make each home its special place. Experience the history, the elegance, and eclectic charm that is Charleston.
Three self-closing drawers
Interior drawer color matches the exterior
Gullah Green: A deeper teal-blue color reminiscent of the mysterious waters within wetlands and marshes of the American South. A “darker” version of Verdigris Green. Antique bronze custom decorative hardware.

Weight 198.00 lbs
Dimensions 20.00 × 44.00 × 36.00 in
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