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Convergence Mirror, Resin, Silver Leaf


Convergence Mirror

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Where pizzazz meets style is where our Convergence Silver Mirror lives. Made of composite in a silver leaf finish, the decorative mirror has a striated surface that will leave you wondering if its woven of wire. The texture that results when the finish is applied is achieved when our talented artisans rub the surface with silver—it doesn’t seep fully into the deepest crevices so a light/dark shadow play brings the silver mirror extra life. A design move of note is how the piece of mirror is placed asymmetrically, which creates added tension—a favorite slight-of-hand that interior designers employ to add interest to a room. We also offer the Convergence in a gold leaf finish. Both of these reflect the ethos that the Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 10 × 58 in
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