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River Stone Coffee Table, Charcoal Stone, Large


River Stone Coffee Table, Charcoal Stone, Large

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There is something mesmerizing about the power of water and how it softens rock into a water-worn stone. Designer Jason Phillips found inspiration in Nature’s ability to shape a hard surface into something beautiful when he envisioned the River Stone collection, which includes the River Stone Large Charcoal Stone Coffee Table. With no harsh lines or hard edges, there is no need to worry about bruised shins and bumped heads given the delicate outline of these stunningly simple pieces. Made of composite in a warm charcoal stone finish, this rock-shaped coffee table with its flat top, which is highly functional, is one of many products we offer in this collection, each of which reflects the ethos that Phillips Collection personifies: modern organic.

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 32 × 16 in
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